Kirsten Dunst / Maggie Gyllenhaal

Kirsten Dunst, b. 30 April 1982, Point Pleasant, NJ; h. 5' 7"
Maggie Gyllen
haal, b. 16 Nov. 1977, New York, NY; h. 5' 9"



jw said...

I still can't tell them apart.

Anonymous said...

In as much as they are both female, yeah, I can see why you are confused. Otherwise, they are completely different.

Anonymous said...


Ed said...

you're both right, depending on the camera angle

Hardick Bora said...

Till date, I think they look a lot alike!
In fact, I had to google to reach here and ensure its not just me!!!

Anonymous said...

The are both of Swedish background.
Kirsten- German and Swedish
Maggie- Swedish and American jewish