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Anthony Michael Hall
, b. 14 April 1968, West Roxbury, MA; h. 6' 2"
Kevin McKidd, b. 9 August 1973, Elgin, Scotland; h. 6' ½"

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JF of Florida wrote:
So last night I was watching the Cowboys game for a few minutes and I see an ad for some show called “Journeyman”. I think it is new – I used to pride myself on knowing everything (especially dumb things), but I don’t really know anything about that show. Anyways, I said to A., “What happened to Anthony Michael Hall’s other show, I thought it was so popular, the one where he was playing the character from the Christopher Walken movie?” And she says, “It was popular, I think about six years ago, and anyways, that’s not Anthony Michael Hall.” So I rewound the TIVO and froze it, and I was almost positive that it was Anthony Michael Hall. I proposed that if you had tried to convince me that when that Anthony Michael Hall playing the Christopher-Walken-character show came out, if you had tried to convince me then that that guy wasn’t Anthony Michael Hall, that I would have believed it, because who knew that Anthony Michael Hall would have grown up to be a strapping creepy guy. But this guy on the "Journeyman", no, that had to be AMH. But, a quick look at confirmed that it was not, so I present that as my doeppelganger, and I am excited and hope that I get published on the site.


fuzzy said...

I just watched the entire Journeyman premiere and figured it was AMH until I looked him up afterwards.

Anonymous said...

You're not alone ... I knew someone else notice the resemblence.

Jeph Johnson said...

I did the same thing too! I thought it was Anthony Michael Hall and my wife said it wasn't. Like always, she was right ...again!

Anonymous said...

No idea how anyone could confuse these two but I'm a huge Grey's Anatomy fan, and "Owen" is one of the best characters.