Ashley Judd | Charlize Theron

Ashley Judd, b. 19 April 1968, Granada Hills, CA; h. 5' 7"
Charlize Theron, b. 7 August 1975, Benoni, South Africa; h. 5' 9½"

Here's the pairing we've all been thinking of and waiting for. It was hard to nail down, but they definitely have the same vibe.



Kimala said...

How bout Halle Berry and Paula Patton? In Deja Vu it's the same face. Ooo and Audrina from "The Hills" and Megan Fox...twins!!

offby1 said...

Yes, yes; I too mixed up Ms Theron and Ms Judd for years! I can't see why now, since they really don't look alike, but ... there ya go.

Anonymous said...

Trust me Ashley Judd, and Charlize theron are the 2 hottest girls in hollywood.... These 2 r godesees