Emile Hirsch | Leonardo DiCaprio

Emile Hirsch, b. 13 March 1985, Palms, CA; h. 5' 7"
Leonardo DiCaprio, b. 11 Nov. 1974, Hollywood, CA; h. 5' 11"

You'll see Emile Hirsch in Sean Penn's movie, "Into the Wild," which was just released. If the film had been made ten years ago, Leonardo would have been the lead character, Christopher McCandless, instead of Emile.


X said...

I'm not seeing that one AT ALL.

Stuee said...

X, are you kidding?
I just watched the movie (and loved it, by the way) believing the whole time I was watching Leo!
It was only when the credits rolled that I saw Emile's name - and I didn't believe it.
Those two are so similar it's scary. Well, in my eyes anyway.

Anonymous said...

Leo and that other hot doctor on Greys Anatomy look alike. I don't know his name but he plays as friends with McDreamy

Lainey said...

I wasn't sure if it was Leo or not when i watched it. I was like he looks a lot and sounds a loooot like him but is it him? and then it wasn't. so i was like that's so weird.

Anonymous said...

Seriously creepy.