Dom Deluise | Paul Prudhomme

Dom Deluise,
b. 1 August 1933, Brooklyn, NY; h. 5' 11½
Paul Prudhomme, b. 13 July 1940, Opelousas, LA; h. unknown

The comedian who likes to cook and the Cajun chef, who is sometimes cited for inventing turducken.



Anonymous said...

Two overweight french cooks. Interesting. Maybe they're relatives somehow?

Vibratti said...

Reply to Two overweight french cooks. Interesting, Maybe they're relatives somehow?

Dom DeLuise was an American- Italian Comedian/Actor (who happened to love cooking) and Paul Prudhomme is Cajun French. There is a big difference between the French and the Cajun French, believe me! But yes, Dom was overweight and so is Chef Paul.

I just recently read an interview with Chef Paul, and he was asked "Has anyone ever told you that you look just like Dom DeLuise?"

Chef Paul responded:

"Yeah, I've heard that about the last 20 years of my life. Dom's been at the restaurant [K-Paul's] and he's also been out and acknowledged himself as Chef Paul and told people to come on back to K-Paul's for a free dinner. I was sitting in the restaurant one time and he came through the back with a knife and fork in his hand telling everyone that he was the real Chef Paul and I was a fake. It was funny." (Interview found in New Orleans CityBusiness, Craig Guillot)