Sophia Myles | Kate Winslet

Sophia Myles (Moonlight)
, b. 18 March 1980, London, England; h. 5' 3½"
Kate Winslet, b. 5 October 1975, Reading, England; h. 5' 6½"


Anonymous said...

They could be identical twins. I first saw Sophia in Moonlight and thought immediately it was Kate Winslet. I still can't belive it.

Anonymous said...

Just saw Sophia in Outlander and was sure she was Kate. Could definitely be sisters, if not fraternal twins.

Robert Springthorpe said...

I think that Rachel weisz is more like SOPHIE Myles

Sinu said...

I also think that Sophie Myles and Rachel Weisz look alike.

Unknown said...

Soon as I saw her I thought she has to be a relative of kate .They look almost identical it's crazy