Maura Tierney | Jenna Fischer

Maura Tierney
("ER"), b. 3 February 1965, Boston, MA; h. 5' 3"
Jenna Fischer ("The Office"), b. 7 March 1974, Ft. Wayne, IN; h. 5' 4½"



X said...

That's awfully unkind to Jenna.

Anonymous said...

Actually, it's awfully unkind to Tierney.

Emmuls said...

Is it just me, or does Britney Spears look like Jenna?

DailyDee said...

Now that's unkind.

Dianne said...

So on what way do they look the same??
They don't look-like at all...
And besides, Maura is far more gorgeous :D
I love Maura Tierney, she's the best actress and she is just Goaaarrrgeous ^.^
I've met her 2 weeks ago in Dublin and she's so sweet!