Ben Stein | Michael Tucker

Ben Stein, b. 25 November 1944, Washington, DC; h. 5' 11"
Michael Tucker (L.A. Law), b. 6 February 1945, Baltimore, MD; h. 5' 5½"



Sam said...

I just watched the film "Diner" and was flabbergasted to find out that the character "Bagel" was played by Michael Tucker. I could have sworn it was Ben Stein. I remarked to my husband as we were watching it that I'd never heard Ben Stein actually talk that normally. No wonder; it was someone totally different! So I did an Internet search for the 2 of them, and lo and behold, just a week ago, you had entered a post about them.

Jenney Yuen said...

Yep, that's exactly how I got here, watching Diner and was like WTF?