Jensen Ackles | Ryan Phillipe

's Jensen Ackles, b. 1 March 1978, Dallas, TX; h. 6' 1"
Ryan Phillipe
, b. 10 Sept. 1974, New Castle, DE; h. 5' 9"

Suggested by: Sydney P.


X said...

That's not the same person?!

Anonymous said...

very beautiful look-alikes . I like them

Anonymous said...

lol totally agree they look alike, i never thought it until i saw ryan in stop-loss or whatever it was and i coudnt believe how much he reminded me of jensen

Anonymous said...

Strangest thing is is that Jensen is younger, but he looks a bit older than Ryan. They are VERY similar. First time I saw Ryan was in a magazine, I thought it was Jensen Ackles, before reading more about it.