Aaron Eckhart | Thomas Jane

Aaron Eckhart, b. 12 March 1968, Cupertino, CA; h. 5' 11"
Thomas Jane, b. 22 February 1969, Baltimore, MD; h. 5' 10¾"

Submitted by Kathleen of Sunrise, FL

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Joy Yih said...

I seriously thought those 2 were the same person until half an hour ago.
And I'm a portrait painter!

I saw the punisher, then thought that was the same guy in thank you for smoking, who I thought was in the mist. I'm getting all their movies mixed up now.

They both look a lot like that guy who use to be in Highlander back in the 80s too.

Jaxx said...

same here.. they really look alike

Timothy said...

I was just watching The Dark Knight and thought it was the same guy in the new HBO series Hung. I had to google to find out! They really look the same!

Anonymous said...

i def thought they were the same person until i noticed the name difference when i saw the credits on Hung... googles their names found this page AND that they are in a movie TOGETHER hahahaha

wu said...

Imagine they both appeared in the movie "Thursday" as, I think, brothers.

Anonymous said...

Thomas Jane and Aaron Eckhart do look alot alike,but when they turn into Grumpy Old Men,they will no longer lookalike,or maybe they will????,I Hope they can find a good retirement Home,TOGETHER, He-haw.

Anonymous said...

In the movie Thrusday they dont look a like as much as they do now that they are older-I used to get them mixed up all the time. Saw the movie Thursday last night, only time I have seen them and knew who was who, could be that aaron has slicked back hair in the movie and thomas has a puffy parted mushroom cut from the 80's...lol. They are both pretty hot for studly older men, as I am only 24-but I would definately let them bang me! :) :o Oooops :o TOO MUCH INFORMATION, sorry...hehe :) again.

Kevin Marshall said...

christopher lambert was in the highlander movie