Lorraine Bracco | Debra Winger

Lorraine Bracco, b. 2 October 1954, Bay Ridge, NY; h. 5' 8"
Debra Winger, b. 16 May 1955, Cleveland Heights, OH; h. 5' 4"

Submitted by: Natasa Balkanski



Anonymous said...

OMG I'm watching "Terms & Endearments" (1983) right now, and my brain just can't wrap around the fact I'm not watching a young Lorraine Bracco. I even came back twice on ImDB in the past hour on my laptop just to make real sure about it.

Anonymous said...

I just started watching Sopranos (late to the party, I know) and was quite confused about the fact that I'd never heard Debra Winger was in it LOL.
I had to google their names to see if anyone else had notice the ressemblance.

Anonymous said...

They even sound alike. I googled the voice of ID's "I Married a Mobster" as I was so sure it was Debra Winger. When looking at Lorainne Bracco's picture, I was astounded at the physical resemblance (not to mentions the voice)!! They could so easily play sisters - even twins.

Anonymous said...

i just watched the credits for Goodfellas and was like 'wait, I don't see Debra Winger's name'

Anonymous said...

Ha! Me, too. I'm watching Goodfellas right now, and I thought Bracco was Winger for the first couple of scenes she was in. It was only Bracco's voice that made me realize.

john papia said...

Wow they could be twins