Keith Ellison and David Quinn

Keith Ellison (D-MN)- the United States' first Muslim congressman
David Quinn - Atlanta homicide detective played himself on "America's Most Wanted."

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Keith Is A StandUp man; Tears for Injustice... A strong faith, stronge convictions;strong commitments. He is the one needed in Washington to bring Shame to the accuser and the Lie. To display Truth as he seems it. Most Rep. & Senators in Congress work totally for themselves, they where choosen to represent the people. In Congress the plight of the people should be their first concern. Ellis has a mind to serve those who send him to Congress. The prevailing issues have become a Joke & A Pansey!!!!! Washington nominates, only stand for self and Greed. He calls the Jokes OUT...

Now, This is a man of Law; David Quinn, Detective, Atlanta Police Force, Georgia; He Is of great and good Character, Faith, Dignity is a Strange word to some, but he knows he must be a Honest man that gets it; and stays on course/A Navy Seal Mentality; pragmatic, focus, backs down for no one; he was taught to Stand on principles, standards, and Morals, he concerns himself with a Spirit of Teamwork ,Doing the Job; following the guidelines of apprehension; observing the evidence...He has the profound profile of a 21st Crime Fighter, calling it like he sees it. Confronting evil in mankind; arresting the perperators serving a noble mission,Enforcing the Law; tracking down the crucial information, and bringing down the criminal; no matter who it is. Blessings of God on his Back!!! as he works to bring Justice to the streets.