Gale Harold | Ashton Kutcher

Gale Harold, b. July 10, 1969, Decatur, Georgia; h. 6' 1½"
Ashton Kutcher, b. 7 Feb. 1978, Cedar Rapids, IA; h. 6' 2½"

This combo stemmed from the Gale Harold & Michael Cera submission.


Eileen said...

Ya see? That works much better. They do have a few things in common, but I much prefer Gale who is a hunk of a man, a fine human being, and a wonderful actor. Ashton? He's okay. :)

patrick said...

his life in the real world seems to be a lot more admirable than a lot of other movie stars

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ashton Kutcher and a young Steve Jobs