Michael Sera | Gale Harold

Michael Cera - Arrested Development, Superbad
b. June 7, 1988, Brampton, Ontario, Canada; h. 5' 10"

Gale Harold - formerly of Queer as Folk, now of Desperate Housewives
b. July 10, 1969, Decatur, Georgia; h. 6' 1½"

Submitted by: Giselle W.


Eileen said...

Most people think Gale looks like Ashton Kutcher. I don't see it, but that's what they say all the time!

Joel Laramee said...

I think Gale looks far more like Ashton Kutcher than Michael Cera.

Anonymous said...

I definately had noticed the Cera/Harold resemblance a while ago. But the funnier thing is Harold looks also like Bateman who played Michael Cera's dad. So Gale Harold is a morph between Bateman and Cera. C'mon you guys Harold could be either one of their brothers